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My New Obsession & A Giveaway: Beautycounter Skincare & Makeup

Hi Everyone,

I'm super excited today to share with you about the skincare line I've been using for the past 9 months and love!  And, because I love it so much, JWS Interiors has teamed up with  Beautycounter  (and my Beautycounter specialist, Stephanie) to share my favorite healthy and effective skincare! Scroll down to check out my favorite products and a chance to win a skincare sample collection!

What makes Beautycounter special?   For starters--it works. I use the anti-aging line called The Rejuvenating Collection as my everyday routine which includes a day cream, night cream, radiance serum, and eye cream.  In addition, I use the Beautycounter+ Plumping line to give my skin a little boost --includes mist, face oil and a mask.  I've noticed clearer and more even toned skin (and honestly, it just feels good to slather on their creams, lotions, and masks). But more importantly, Beautycounter produces some of the safest products available today.  They have the highest safety standards in the US market, which match and in some cases exceed the safety standards of the European Union. 

 What most people don't know is that there is a lack of US regulation when it comes to our skin care. So just because a brand sells skin care, even if it says “natural” or “organic”, doesn't actually mean it's safe. To give you a little more perspective, to protect their citizens, the EU bans more than 1300 ingredients from their personal care products. The US bans only 30! Beautycounter created something called the "Never List" and voluntarily bans 1500 ingredients. They've got us covered! 

You can purchase the set or individual products--whichever best suits your needs. I know you will love!  I have friends and clients who also use Beautycounter products and have nothing but good things to say about it.

My Favorite Products
Click here to check out my favorite collection which is the anti-aging Rejuvenating collection.

The entire collection of products--they also sell makeup--feels and looks good.

Here are several other collections and items that you might love too!

Entire Skincare Collection
Click here to browse all skincare:

Safe Sunscreen This Summer For the Kids
Looking for something safe for your kids? 
Click here to check out Beautycounter's amazing sunscreen --free of harmful chemicals for children and adults -- and also the face stick which is easy to apply.

Not sure if it's for you?  Comment below (please leave your email address) for an opportunity to win a FREE sample collection kit !


megan said...

I'm trying to go chemical free in all of my personal products. It's a process!

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Jennifer H. said...

Looks like really great products.

Nicole Ackerman said...

I've always thought about trying Beauty Counter products!!

Kathreen Miller said...

Seems to be amazing products. My skin care routine includes lifecell all-in-one anti aging cream. Because an anti-aging moisturizer helps to minimize fine lines. It is so effective that moisturizer is the secret ingredient in many anti-aging products.