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Friday Favorite Links To Love

It's Friday! 

Check out my Links to Love below and enjoy your weekend!

image via Megan Hess Illustration

This is an amazing boho pillow!  I'm in love with it. 

I found this amazing artist in LA who sells abstract paintings

Here's a simple entryway light for a fraction of the cost of other similar light fixtures

Can you say BRILLIANT IDEA here-- these are 3 IKEA chaise lounges pushed together to make a comfy space for watching tv!  Love it. 


Heading To The Beach: Essentials For a Fab Vacation

Hi Everyone,

I've got the beach on my mind as we will be boarding a plane on Saturday to fly to Rosemary Beach, Florida!

 Super excited to relax with the family! 

Check out my favorite essentials for any beach vaca.

Follow me on Instagram as I won't be posting to the blog while away


Heading To The Beach


4 Random Things I'm Loving


Today I wanted to share 4 Random Things That Caught My Eye. I love it when bloggers share their favorite things, so I wanted to share these lovelies with you.

I'm obsessing over Scandinavian design as I'm sure you've seen on my Instagram account.  I'm dying for my new white sofas to arrive so I can finish the room and see what I want for the coffee table, media console and rug. I'm spending hours looking at photos for ideas.  Special shout out to my hubby for letting me re-do the space!!!! 
Fantastic one room Scandinavian wonder Daily Dream Decor:

Totally doing this--just carve out a pineapple and add flowers for a gorgeous centerpiece!

I'm hoping to have a big fall party and I'm doing this!
16 Design Ideas To Steal From Summer Weddings
image via Lonny

Thinking of Your Bedroom? Look how this gorgeous, creamy filled palette of colors makes this bedroom oh-so-perfect 

Since we are heading to Rosemary Beach this weekend, I'm obsessing over these gorgeous fringe towels! Tres chic on the beach no doubt!


Getting The Beach House Look: Five Images That Wow

via Melanie Turner Interiors

via House Beautiful

via Pinterest

via Wallflower Interiors


Friday Favs/Links to Love!

Here are my Friday Favorites!Scroll down for Links to love!



Loving this casual vibe!

Cozy couch:
via Lark and Linen


In love with this gorgeous cover up for the beach and pool! 

This boho vibe pillow is to die for! 


Favorite Ben Moore Gray Paints

Favorite Ben Moore Gray Paints

For those of you who know me, I'm a big fan of using gray in homes. It's a gorgeous neutral that can make a lot of colors "pop" in a room without being too bold.  

Many clients want some shade of gray in their home and I'm always happy to provide suggestions for my favorites--tried and true!  

Of course everyone's home has different lighting and therefore the same shade of gray may look completely different in another home. I always suggest looking at paint morning , noon and night to see how the color changes on the wall. (You can paint 8x10  poster board instead of messing up your walls before you decide)

Share Tweet Pin Mail Your Email   This post is about warm gray paint colors or sometimes we call the color, greige. Greige if ...:

Nine Fabulous Benjamin Moore Warm Gray Paint Colors - laurel home:


Beautiful Outdoor Party Ideas

Good Morning!

With summer in full swing I thought it would be fun to post images of backyard party ideas so you can invite your crew over.  Some are more elaborate than others; but why not steal some of these ideas and make your own soiree!  


Cute backyard movie setup
Camille Styles


Eclectic outdoor dinner party tablescape:
via Notey

via IKEA


How To Take Good Photos For Instagram

Hi everyone,

Today I'm sharing how to take good photos on your phone to post to Instagram.  My tips are based on my experience with posting to Instagram and what has worked for me. 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that I post both photos of my own home, design projects as well as other designers' work.  In my opinion, photos are the key to gaining followers on your Instagram account.  In 2 years @jwsinteriors has garnered almost 81,000 Instagram followers and I believe great photos are the main reason.

I know many bloggers take hundreds of photos before they post "the shot" on Instagram, but honestly I'm too busy to take that many photos before posting. I take everything on my iPhone unless I'm using a photo from one of my design projects. There's absolutely no reason why you can't use your phone camera (so long as it has good picture quality for Instagram)

It took me a little time when I first started out to get the hang of things, but these are my tips for taking good photos. I hope you find these helpful and possibly for just everyday use whether you have Instagram or not!

Tip 1: Lighting

Lighting is so important. Make sure you have plenty of light. You never want to use dark photos.  I ALWAYS use the BRIGHTNESS edit option on Instagram to lighten my photos. I do not use a particular filter all the time, however, Chrome seems to take the best photos with people in them (more on that further down our tip sheet).  

Tip 2: Flat Lay Set Up

A lot of Instagrammers, lay out their clothes, design accessories, etc "flat" on a table or floor and snap a shot with their camera ABOVE the items. It could be a food display as well which is always popular if you scan through Instagram. If there are a lot of items to be displayed, or you need to get really high above the objects, then I recommend a selfie stick to capture the photo best. See Tip 4 below for more on this.

Flat lay shots are very popular and if done right, can help you grow your account with great photos. I've found the trick with flat laying objects is to have them on a white or marble surface. It provides a "clean" background to show off the objects.  More items displayed are better typically because there is more for the eye to look at.

Tip 3: Take Photos of Flowers
There is something about snapshots of flowers (again, using your filter for brightness) that when taken correctly, usually either directly above or at a slight angle above like this one I took at a farmer's market (one top blogger/Instagrammer featured this photo much to my delight!) and people go bananas :) 

Tip 4: The Selfie Stick

In these photos, I used a selfie stick to get higher above without climbing a ladder or step stool.
If you are posting photos of yourself (there are different views on this on whether it helps your account or not) I've found that holding a selfie stick almost directly above you makes you look thinner and captures your oh-so-adorable outfit; I've also found that holding it out away from you at an angle shooting down again can take nice photos. 
The Chrome feature on your phone seems to even out skin tone and erase wrinkles (I swear!) on Selfie photos, so I use that. Photos are more vivid as well.

I hope you've found these helpful!