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5 Inspiration Photos For Our Family Room Makeover

You've heard me mention that we are re-doing our family room.  I'm waiting on my Z Gallerie sofas to arrive in September to start the process. Did I mention they are white? I'm screaming inside that I can finally use white (and will have them sprayed to prevent stains). 

Here are top photos I'm using as inspiration for the re-design of our space!  I'm taking bits and pieces of designs I love with the hope that our overall look will achieve a boho, clean vibe.

PS-I tried uploading our Rosemary Beach photos with my recommendations , but of course my camera chip is having a problem so I have to get it looked at! The joys of technology!

1 comment:

Edward Thirlwall said...

I've tried to follow the black and white rustic theme, but for the life of me, somehow the storage cupboards will just be in a shade that doesn't match the rest and the whole feel of the room becomes thrown out of whack!