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Why I Want to Rip Out Some of My Kitchen Cabinets

As some of you already know, we are renovating a Soho kitchen and part of the design we came up with is a entire wall decked out in white subway tile with NO cabinets--only symmetrical shelves on either side of a range hood (stay tuned for these photos).. 

So, over the past few months, every time I walk into my kitchen, I say to myself, "Why can't we rip out 3 cabinets that flank our range hood and keep it clean and modern?

 Thus, my quest has begun to think more and well, find the leftover tile in the basement to complete our wall of subway tile. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on if we should do this!

Here's a photo of my kitchen now.. (the light has been taken down.. tired of it!)

Here's one of many, many inspiration photos.

industrial style kitchen | antonio martins:


Debra L said...

Do you have the space to store what is now in the cabinets? I'm sure they are holding a bit more than will fit on the shelves.

Anonymous said...

While I love the look, I wonder about dishware/glassware etc. staying free from cooking residues? Until we are ready to remodel our kitchen, we still have the dreaded microwave over the stove which I am constantly cleaning. It would be terrific to hear from someone that has been able to live/cook with this design style for some time!