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My Master Bedroom Closet Reveal with California Closets (Before & After)

Hello, hello!

We are back from a great spring break with our daughters and today I'm excited to share my master bedroom closet reveal with my local Chantilly, VA based California Closets

Special shout out to Duval Reynolds who made my dream closet come true!

I was in need of a major overhaul of my closet. I had builder grade wire shelving; mismatched dry cleaner wire hangers, and basically had a big mess. 

My husband and I have separate closets and while mine isn't large, I was just thrilled to have it organized, pretty, and be a space that I actually liked to walk into. 

I wanted an all-white closet (shocker, I know!), so I opted for white shelving from California Closets.  I had my contractor pain all the walls Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White after the wire shelving was removed. 

California Closets came in, measured, asked me how I wanted to arrange my clothes, shoes, and accessories.  They ask you detailed questions so that they can really tailor your closet to YOU!

After the easy, several hour install with CC, I had my new blush-colored crystal light fixture installed. 

I realized after I saw how light and bright my space was, I needed to ditch the wire hangers and purchase all white, wood hangers. What a difference, a quick shopping trip on and I bought all matching hangers that were affordable and arrived in 2 days. 

(Jump down to see what my closet looked like before and Duval's tips for an organized, fashion-friendly closet )


DUVAL's Tips For An Organized Closet

Never design a closet around items that can be thrown away.  Otherwise you are practically investing in a system that houses junk.  Get rid of it!

Pair Similar Items
Now, this can mean different things for different people.  Some dress according to color.  Some dress according to style.  And others, according to mood.  

No matter how you like to get dressed, make things easier by pairing similar pieces.  This way, when you’re pulling an outfit together, you know where the shirts are, the colors you want, the mood you’re feeling.  It saves more time and energy than you’d think.
        Plan for accessories.
Often people fail to plan for small items, assuming they’re not as important.  But try planning an entire closet, then failing to give room to that belt you wear almost every day! 

And most likely, the belt, that scarf, those rings, could be the items you’re using more than any other item in the closet.  So, it’s best to make room for them now, rather than later.


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