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Entertaining At Its Best

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful extended weekend! 
I haven't entertained in a while due to a hectic schedule as we all have! 

I'm getting the itch to have some sort of Spring soiree . Below is a photo of a dining room I designed for a single woman in her sky-high condo. We put the bar area adjacent to her dining room for ease-of-use when entertaining.  She sets it up as a coffee station on a daily basis, which I love!

I usually do a sit down lunch or dinner, but am starting to like the idea of a family style meal where people are seated, yet it's a little more informal. 

How do you entertain? 

Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg/Charlotte Safavi
Design by JWS Interiors

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B.Arch Colleges in Chennai said...

Really love this, I'm a huge fan of plywood mainly because of this colour and the layers within the wood itself.