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JWS Interiors Lux Project: Master Bedroom Before and After


I shared with you earlier when Domino featured my master bedroom makeover for a super client. 

I didn't post all the pictures or the before picture. 

So here they all are!

Special thanks to my superb photographer Stacy Zarin Goldberg and stylist Charlotte Safavi. We are truly a team!

I hope you like!



Casual Chic

Casual Chic


Pretty Things on Luci & Ombre

Good morning !

I stumbled across a gorgeous Tumblr site and ended up spending an hour on it!

Take a look at these beautiful images, all from Luci &Ombre.  I hope they start your week well.






Victoria Smith |

The Black Label Home. 




Popular Blog Style Me Pretty Names Box of Chic As One The "Best Subscription Boxes"


Earlier this week, I was thrilled when Style Me Pretty informed me they were doing a roundup article on the best subscription boxes available--from fashion to food to home decor!

I'm so excited that they included Box of Chic as a fab subscription box for anyone who loves home decor!

Check out the article ! Honored!

Fashion Ilustration by Wenna Prive

I hope you have a great weekend! 
We will be preparing your Box of Chic boxes!

Thanks to all of you who already pre-ordered the holiday box! Our holiday box photo shoot takes place this week and I'm so excited to unveil it soon!   If you pre-order now, you'll have your box (only $49) at the beginning of November!   

For those new to Box of Chic, it's our new home decor subscription box!

This adorable illustration, drawn by my friend Wenna Prive, is included in every box so that you can easily gift Box of Chic-- write their name on the card, or send 'as-is' and you are ready to go.

Every box includes tissue so everything is prepared when it arrives at the recipient's door step!

As always, thank you for supporting my business!


Favorite (And Gorgeous!) Spaces

Favorite Spaces!

A feminine living room with a small work space:
via Luxe

Omg I need a freaking attic Walk-in Closet | Glam Style | Attic Renovation | Home Improvement | House Remodel | Interior Design:
by Studio M

Fireplace with antique mirror, bust, and simple styling
The Design Co

An elegant and colorful living room space with leaning art on fireplace mantle, blue chairs, and gold light fixture:

via myDomaine


Featured In Domino!

I'm so excited and it's a dream come true that today Domino featured my transformation of an outdated bedroom for one of my sweet clients!

Click here to read the entire story!

Take a look at how we took an old, dark-hued bedroom and transformed it into a glamorous retreat!

Thank you Domino!


Weekend Vibe

Hi Everyone!
I'm super excited for the weekend. We have soccer games, dinners out, and well, packing Box of Chic boxes.  

A super shout out to ALL of our customers! This has been an amazing month for us and we are so thankful for supporting our business!  

And, if you want to get ahead with your holiday shopping, you can pre-order our holiday box (it has marble in it! Gold! a leopard tid bit!)   order it today and be the first to have it arrive at your doorstep--or someone you want to have the most chic gift this holiday!


Weekend Vibe


"The Bridge House" in Australia

Built by Robin Boyd in the 50s, the Melbourne Bridge House is absolutely stunning and was renovated by Stephen Jolson. Take a look at this fabulously modern home. These photos were featured in Vogue Australia.