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The Washington Post Features JWS Interiors and Box of Chic

 Washington Post writer Jura Koncius gave me an extra spring in my step today! 

She wrote this wonderful article on JWS Interiors & Box of Chic.  I couldn't be more honored and thrilled!   

Here's a quick snippet of the article. Click here to read in its entirety. 

We finished curating the holiday box and I'll give you a hint--we have a marble piece in the box.  It's only $49 for the box ..can't say it enough when I say this is an awesome gift for someone who loves design and/or entertaining!

Thanks for letting me share my passion with all of you!


alewis44 said...

Received my Box of Chic today and absolutely love all of the items! Can't wait for the holiday Box of Chic! Just love it all!
Great idea, thank you, Jennifer!


Alexandra Adams said...

Awesome!! I cannot wait to receive mine!