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Monday: If Looks Could Kill

If Looks Could Kill..

 Check out these favorite photos of mine... I hope they can give you some inspiration for your home or your dream home.  #GOALS

Also, I just finished a photo shoot at a local vineyard and am so excited to share photos with you in the DesignIT newsletter--comes out in less than 2 weeks! (Sign up here on the pop-up or email me 

Finally, I just received photos back from my killer photographer Stacy Zarin Goldberg (pun intended) and I actually got goosebumps the photos are THAT good.. #excited

design by Nicole Sassaman

Aerin Lauder's front door
Aerin Lauder's Front Door

Black High-Contrast French-Revival Guest Room
via Luxe Interiors

Contemporary White Living Room

Glam pink bedroom
Elle Decor

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Eduardo Garza said...

I love it.
Thanks for sharing.