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Lusting: A Makeover For My Office

As I think is the case with most design professionals, we love to change our surroundings when it comes to design and I'm feeling that with my own home office. 

 I have a great space with a large window but it is lacking a lot in terms of design (Although I do like my black walls). So, I'm thinking about re-designing it later this summer. 

Here are images as my inspiration for my new office:

Aerin Lauder's office

Aerin Lauder's office

via I Suwanee

Rachel Zoe's Office


Yelda | Decor Envy said...

You have great taste. That third image just grabbed me. Those black walls are everything! I've been itching to paint some room in my house black. Leaning towards my master bedroom or the guest room -- both spaces in the making!

MarcioWilges said...

It is true that we need to at least refurbish our room/home once in a while to evoke positivity and increase coziness. The change does not necessarily need to be expensive but just plain beautiful. There will obviously be some packing required to de-clutter before any revamp activities can be done, but all those efforts will pay off eventually.