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A Boho Chic Barcelona Apartment

Hi Everyone!

I'm so thrilled to showcase the work of Anthony Chevallier ( Instagram: @anthonychevallier27) whom I met via Instagram! 

His gorgeous design for the below apartment was featured in Marie Claire Maison

Chevallier was tasked with transforming an old Barcelona apartment into a Boho retreat for its owners. 

While usually a fan of neutral, understated rooms, I LOVE his use of color in the living room.

Check out these spaces!

All photos by Thomas Moke


Monika Boruch said...

I love his work! Thank you for sharing! x

MarcioWilges said...

I especially love his usage of accessories to accentuate on the colors in order to bring out the contrast against the white walls. I also like the open concept shelving alongside the grey feature wall which creates a centerpiece of the room. The removal of the shelves is easy so the homeowner can simply change the setting anytime they like.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of his work too! I also like this apartment in Barcelona