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Mixing it Up: Using 2 Different Sofas in A Space

HI Everyone!

It is crazy here in DC!  Snow everywhere--beautiful, yet messy! 

Today I found this gorgeous California home designed by Ann Lowengart . Not only do I love the colors, but what caught my eye was the use of the same color for the sofas--but different styles! I've never used 2 different style sofas in a room and think I will in a project (pending client approval of course!). I love this look!

What do you think?

Ann Lowengart Interiors Modern Living Room // blue velvet sofas and quartz-lined chandelier
all photos via DomaineHome

Ann Lowengart Interiors Modern Living Room

Ann Lowengart Interiors Modern


Yelda said...

I, too, love mixing up sofa stylesn in a living room. I have a tufted black matte leather sofa paired with a gray velvet clean, modern sofa in my living room. But, I didn't think of two different styles in the same color. I will have to try that! Thanks for sharing.

Howard M. Wright said...

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