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How To Take Great Instagram Pics/ Pretty Examples

This week has been crazy here with snow! 

Today I wanted to share tips on taking great Instagram photos. I get a lot of emails about how I've grown my Instagram account so fast.  One reason I believe this has happened is because I post excellent (aka high quality) photos that I've styled and taken with my iPhone 5. Other photos are from other designers that I share and love. 

Here are my tips and actual photos I've styled and posted to Instagram using my iPhone 5: 

PS- If you found this helpful, please send me a note and let me know! Thanks!

Use a plain background & varying heights
(White walls, gray walls, black walls)  A plain backdrop allows you to focus on what you are styling
Varying the height of the objects makes for a more interesting photo too as you can see in this photo of my living room below.

Take "top-down" photos 
Hold the camera (I know you've seen it a million times) directly above the items you want to showcase.  I love using my white dining room table or white cowhide rug. Play with the items while holding the camera above so you can see what looks good in the camera.  WHAT LOOKS GOOD TO THE EYE DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL LOOK GOOD IN THE CAMERA LENS.. YOU MUST PLAY WITH THE ITEMS.. I've found putting items close together works 

We all know good lighting is everything!  In my experience good light, but not bright light (it creates shadows) makes for the best photos


genevieve regan said...

This was definitely helpful! As a new business owner who will be starting an instagram account for it, these are some simple yet effective tips to know.

Gam said...

Thank you for the tips. I am not a blogger but love to shoot photos, so can't wait to try these ideas!