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Wenna Prive: An Amazing Fashion Illustrator And Her (Crazy Good) Design for JWS Interiors

I love coming across new resources for my clients and for my own home. It is always so exciting to find and connect with others in the design and fashion world.  

So when I came across Wenna Prive's illustrations via Instagram,  @wennaprive,  I was thrilled to say the least! (She's currently working on her website to get it up and running!) 

Wenna impressed me so much I asked if she could do a sketch for JWS Interiors in which I could use for marketing (like JWS Interiors' new shop!) For the sketch,  I answered a few easy questions and sent her my head shot from my website. 

Here's what she drew.. Can you say AMAZING?? 

She sketched items I actually have in my own office--that's my exact desk, rug, fabric rolls, books, etc! .....And, I always wear black leggings , heels and my faux fur coat!

I am thrilled with the drawing and have already inquired about having her do my Holiday Cards. 

 Book her now for art, business, personalized stationary or honestly, whatever is needed ! 

Here's a little background on Wenna:

1) How did you get into illustrating? How long have you been doing this?

I've been drawing and painting ever since I can remember, but I never imagined that illustration could turn into a career.  I grew up with an artistic curiosity - everything from birds to buildings filled up the pages of my sketchbooks.  I was especially drawn to sketching people, mostly women.  My happiest moment of the day was flipping through the latest high fashion magazines to take in all the beauty, and then drawing the women and couture that inspired me late into the night. 

After graduating with a degree in Creative Direction from the Private Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I explored possibilities in Fashion PR. I was also fortunate enough to work as a stylist for red carpet events in Los Angeles.  It was an amazing opportunity.  My days were all about fashion, while my nights were all about sketching.  When I left California to travel back to Paris, London, and New York, something happened - I was instantly intoxicated with the romantic architecture, incredible couture and spellbinding atmosphere.

My soul simply blossomed with these surroundings.  It was then that I knew I had to pursue my passion for illustration full-time (and that I wanted to stay in Paris forever!). 

2) What are your favorite types of illustrations 

I love to create fashion illustrations that evoke a sense of glamour and escapism.  And though at times I find inspiration through photography, my favorite illustrations are the ones that produce a sort of magic that can't be expressed with a camera.  With illustration I have the freedom to create something with my hands that is shaped by imagination.  Illustration is basically an imaginary world and is therefore limitless.  I think that's truly beautiful in and of itself.  

3) What types of illustrations do you offer ? 

My illustrations express a love of old world glamour and celebrate femininity.
The website,, will offer hand-signed limited edition prints of my work.  I'm working tirelessly to make sure the site launches soon!  In the meantime I always post updates on my Instagram @wennaprive.