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How To Style Your Nightstand /My Newly Styled Nightstand

While I'm off this week, it's been great to spend time with my daughters as well as get much-needed house organizational projects going! 

One of these is re-styling my nightstand. It was more "Summery" with brighter colors and framed prints. I wanted to make it a little more sexy and "Wintery" perhaps. 

When you are styling your nightstand, here are a few tips to make it easier for you:

1) Collect books you love
2) Add a decorative tray (large or small) you want to incorporate 
3) Add a candle & pretty matches
4) Incorporate a framed print
5) Select a lamp that provides ample lighting for reading 
6) Jewelry or anything that glimmers for added beauty
7) One decorative object

STYLING (The Fun Part!)

--I like to use a large tray to place my things in.  Stack books or just use one within the tray (if they fit). Put something pretty on top  
--Add a frame (it can be nailed to wall or just leaned against nightstand like I did here)
--Place your candle to the left or right of stacked books.  Place pretty matches next to it.
--I put a bottle of perfume just because the scent smells good when I get into bed and it's pretty to look at
--Use your small tray or plate to corral jewelry and keep together in a "collection"

1 comment:

Lara Jean said...

Jennifer, this is stunning! I love the classy black and white with gold pops. Where is our nightstand from? It is perfect!