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Entries I'm Loving & How to Add Glam To Your Space

The more I look around me and I'm hired to design a client's space, the more I want to design more glamorous spaces... You've seen some rooms I've done in which I was able to create glam rooms. 

Of course my glam penthouse whole house project has yet to be seen and it's killing me because there isn't an inch that isn't fashionable. Luckily, my fantastic client Lee, invites me over all the time so I can enjoy her newly designed digs since the design I wouldn't work for my own home since I have young kids.... 

These glam entries are killing me.. I'm just in love.. they are sexy and I can easily imagine coming home to both of them...everyday! 

But even though we can't all live in a space like these, there are little ways that can add a touch of glam without spending big bucks.  

Here is my quick short list on glam items you can add to your home:

-Faux Fur pillow(s) or blanket
-A touch of gold here and there
-White shag rug
-Acrylic chair(s)
-Something black like a lamp shade or an accent wall

Finally---A State of Mind---Create Your Own Sense of Glam~

Welcome Way
via Veranda

via Adore Magazine