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A Typical Photo Shoot Day--The Process & Behind the Scenes

Hi !  
I'm up late Saturday night (1 am to be exact) thanks to a Dr. Pepper which I never drink and now I remember why!? Are you affected by caffeine like I am?

Anyway, last week if you followed me via Instagram @jwsinteriors you saw a few behind-the-scenes the photos of the final day of the photo shoot for my project "Glam Condo."  

This has been a year-long project and my wonderful client Lee has been nothing short of amazing....period. It has been a dream come true project and I'm not exaggerating... She hired me to design the entire space, top to bottom. It was gutted, 30-year old wallpaper removed, old carpet ripped out, and then we re-designed the entire space.

I always thought before I became a designer that photo shoots must be so glamorous and fun...  Fun--yes!  Glamorous--Not so much.. Rewarding--You bet!

I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy Zarin Goldberg for the past 2 years and she photographed this project for me. I also worked with Charlotte Safavi whom helped me style the condo for the photos. Let me tell you--it's a longgggg day. The first day we shot for more than 8 hours!  Thanks to these ladies who helped make it happen! 

Here's a little recap with photos of the shoot for those who are curious how it works.... Obviously, I can't show much since these will be kept under wraps until hopefully and fingers crossed a magazine publishes.. In the meantime, here's a typical timeline & a few pics:

Box up vases, accessories, books, you name it--anything additional that can be added to the space for extra "oomph" for the photo. Jam pack everything in  my car and take off to client project... And, Rarely are the photos you see in a magazine, the space as the homeowner lives in it everyday.. trust me on this.. The way you arrange a room or accessories for a photo can be much different than what looks good in normal, everyday life. The camera's 'eye' sees things much differently than our eye.  

Go to florist or in my case Whole Foods and pick up flowers and fruits and vegetables.. typically hydrangea, peonies (if in season) or tulips.. I'm personally not a huge fan of roses, so ergo, I don't buy often. Fruits and vegetables are to fill bowls, place on cutting boards for the kitchen "shot" etc.

Arrive at shoot and start cutting flowers and arranging in appropriate vases

Then add in accessories, one at a time, per room, until it's how it needs to be. Usually the photographer will take a few "test shots" so we can see how it looks in a photograph--where it can be cropped, if color needs to be adjusted or God forbid--a dust ball shows up in photo that is hidden under a table (again--trust me on's happened!) 

The photographer starts shooting after taking the test shots. We do different angles and use different lens to get the best photos. We basically do this for every room!  I love detail shots, so I always ask Stacy to get the close-in shots, which are just always so pretty.

Put everything back as best as possible where homeowner originally had items; pack up accessories we used; leave flowers for homeowner as "thank you" for letting us use their home for the photos

Submit to magazine editor and hope they pick up the photos and publish! 

Me, exhausted in the elevator. 


Mariella Cruzado said...

Love your elevator pics... so real but you always look tired-chic ;)

Congrats on the photo shoot! Fingers crossed for good news to come. xx.

Eduardo Garza said...

I also loved your elevator pic!