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Secret's Out: My Favorite Resource for Custom X Benches : livenUp Design

For many of you, you may share my passion for Etsy. It started out with small things--hair bows when my girls were young, holiday decor, but now I'm buying FURNITURE on Etsy and it's becoming one of my favorite resources for projects. 

So for today I had to share my resource for custom X benches that I use for projects. 

livenUp Design, based out of California, has hands-down won me over !  Folks--Jenn and her husband Paul, owners of livenUp, make gorgeous furniture and I will keep coming back to her every time. They have proved they can make the x benches that I use and still be affordable (matching right along with my philosophy about "Affordable Luxury").  And, to make it clear, this is not a sponsored ad.. this is all me saying this company ROCKS! 

I asked Jenn to answer a few questions just so you can get to know a little about her business. 
See below for her answers as well as photos of her great work. 
And, if you do hire livenUp for a project, please tell her JWS Interiors sent you... 

 Instagram @livenupdesign

How did you get started?  Were you just always crafty/handy with upholstery or is this something that started from a passion with furniture/design/etc? Where are you based out of? 

We are both do-ers by nature and our motto has always been that if somebody else can make something, so can WE!   
In the process of renovating our own home near the beach in coastal San Diego, I became completely consumed with boldly patterned statement furniture.  I would tear pages from magazines (before Pinterest!) for inspiration for our home projects...the furniture file was HUGE.  Then, I decided to give it a try with a chair we found on the road.  I taught myself with books and youtube videos until i felt confident enough to try to sell a vintage chair I had revamped on Craigslist.  the piece sold within a week to a local designer that convinced me there might be a future for us in this business :)  

You are a husband and wife team. How does that work when making furniture?  
Yes, we are a married couple- and MOST of the time we work well together ;)  Paul is an amazing craftsman.  He can build a piece of furniture from simply looking at a photo that a client submits (and build it to survive a plane crash!).  He sketches and works and reworks angles and measurements until it is perfectly built to exact specifications.  Once he has worked his magic, I take over with the upholstering. I also handle all the client communication, source fabrics and help with design.  
    How long has livenUp been in business?
We opened the Etsy shop in 2011...and the funny thing is that I thought it was such a crazy idea!!  Who in their right mind would buy a piece of furniture from US?  haha!  I am happy I was wrong!  The business has grown more than I ever imagined and we have learned so much in the process.  It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.  It allows us to do what we love, while living in a beautiful place and be flexible enough to spend lots of time with our 9 year old son.

What's one important thing you want your customers/potential customers to know about livenUp?

That we do not discriminate. We respect all styles and budgets.  We are always approachable, kind and super responsive.
We truly love what we do: making eye-catching, high-quality furniture that is built to last.  (was that more than one? ;)

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