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Back to School Mode/My Fall Must-Do List

So, my kids are back in school. 

We just finished our first week back and to be honest, I think I'm more tired than they are.  (This is where my friend will say I need to keep up with the essential oils in my water! And Renee, you are correct! )

And now that they are on a schedule per se, it got me thinking once again about how life is short...each day counts how you spend it.  

So.. I came up with a Fall FUN to-do list for my family that I plan on sharing with them this week.  Some of the items on my list include:

-Roasting Marshmallows
-Making homemade apple cider with my "foodie" daughter Ava
-Taking a day off with each girl and taking them shopping for one special Fall item 
-Surprising my kids with a family weekend trip when they get home from school.  I keep dreaming about just telling them "Pack your bags--we are heading to NYC for the weekend"  How fun would that be?
-Trying a brand new, cool, yet kid-friendly restaurant
-Volunteering at our local soup kitchen so that they can appreciate what they have and be of service to others

What's on your Fall To-Do List?

Lexie and I last month on vacation...

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