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How to Style Your Console Table

Let's face it... there are a ZILLION ways to decorate a console, and while there isn't a right or wrong way...I feel that there's always a better way and just playing with your accessories and lighting can make a huge difference.
A couple tricks and tips:
1)Use varying heights to decorate--vase, decorative box, lighting, photography/prints, etc. This is what adds interest.
2) Add texture--a blanket in a basket; the frame of a mirror that is a different texture perhaps or just a decorative bowl that makes a statement
3) Keep the décor either all neutral or all color --it's hard to mix these and make it look good
4) Fill the void--yes, you've seen it everywhere.. but placing ottomans, stools, baskets, something underneath an open console will make it look really put together and finished
5) Symmetry--I'm a big fan of symmetry. If your console is large enough, put 2 lights on either end for symmetry. Or, put a pair of prints or collection of art above the console (wall space permitting)
Here are some great examples of how to style your console table.

Enjoy your weekend!
large black photography over console table Traditional Home®
via Traditional Home
Textures.... (My design for a client last year)
via JWS Interiors
Filling void underneath...
black & white entry
Varying heights...
Styling our new (to me) console table
Colorful ...
A Gallery of 'New Traditional' Wallpaper

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