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Stacking Up: Great Uses of Bookshelves

The number one easiest way to decorate your home is with books. 

Here's why: they add life, detail, and don't have to cost a lot when decorating your space. 
 The good old library is a great way to get bargain books to fill your shelves! 

Books can fill out a coffee table, shelves, and even floor space! (You know you've seen those pictures of books stacked under tables and even used AS tables!)

I love it when (like this first photo from Architectural Digest) bookshelves are built in over doors. It's a great use of space, and a design detail that shouldn't be overlooked. 

Here are some fab examples of bookshelves. 


via Architectural Digest


full wall bookshelves. Amazing way to organize a room, save space and highlight different decor.


It's all about the dark brown floor to ceiling bookcase...

These floating shelves are much cheaper than Ikea's bookcases  & look cooler too!  If you can find them in Ikea's "as is" section for less AND on their 10% off "as is" Wednesdays- big score!  Or look for these type of shelves at other home improvement stores.  [IKEA lack shelves as bookcase]

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Eduardo Garza said...

Love these bookshelves!
What a great post!