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Making A Room Look It's Best --Tips & Tricks

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to focus on sharing my thoughts on making a room look it's best and by that I mean layering and adding the appropriate accessories in the right spots. 

This is top of of mind right now as I head into next week buying last minute accessories for my  photo shoot of my project I've dubbed "Project Glam Condo"--a penthouse style condo that my wonderful client LG has let me design top to bottom. LG-Love ya! This project is very dear to me as I've spent 9 months working on it--a labor of love really!

So, that brings me to my tips for layering.  When the photographer comes and you can see photos on the ipad or computer, we can quickly adjust the accessories so that the space/vignette looks good. This is a tremendous help when you are shooting all day and of course you want the photos to be perfect. 


!) Layer, layer, layer -- while I like clean lines, and less clutter, adding accessories on tops of books, filling in dead space on bookshelves is crucial.  For example--a lot of times the backs of bookcases are empty--why not put a pretty framed photo or piece of art in the back. Just rest it against the bookcase/wall to fill up that empty space. Place books bindings at the front edge of the bookcase, not the back

2) Rugs--Rugs add warmth and depth. I'm a big fan of using a sisal carpet and then layering a hide on top. I love the look. Or, a single shag rug can do wonders because of great texture!

3) Coffee Tables--be sure to add flowers, 2-3 accessories--both large and small to add dimension and BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. Using a tray is nice to keep things organized. (Hide your remotes when possible).  Add in some things shiny, some matte for added depth

4) Wall space--this can be tricky depending on the look you are going for. Obviously if it's minimalism, then less is more.  But if that's not the case, wall galleries are huge right now!  You can mix and match anything and it can look great (Check out my instagram @jwsinteriors for great examples) 

5) Your Sofa--yes, you need accent pillows, but don't forget to add a throw (maybe a faux fur throw) for that added layer and texture. If you have a solid fabric on your sofa, why not trick it out and add ribbon edging to pillows or the skirt portion?

6) Your Kitchen--I like clean countertops--no appliances scattered throughout (I realize not everyone can do this in small quarters), but if you are able, hide the appliances and add flowers, a big bowl for fruit and perhaps some ginger jars or glass pottery.  If your cabinets don't go all the way to the ceiling you can use that dead space to fill with a collection of some sort

7) Add life!  Be sure to add in a tree or two--I love Fiddlefigs!  The green is an excellent pop of color and plants turn out pretty in photos too

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Tamara Letourneau said...

Thank you for these great tips! I am getting ready to refresh my coffee tables, dressers etc. I think there is a Home Goods shopping trip in my future to look for some fun new things.