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Styling for an Instagram Photo: Pretty Table Vignette

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend!  A HUGE shout out to my husband and kids whom spoiled me over the weekend with flowers, cards, gifts and best of all, a well thought-out picnic of my favorite foods at the place where we had our wedding reception almost 15 years ago. :)

I may be a little behind, but better late than never as I just got on Instagram--you can check me out -- (@jwsinteriors) and I'm now a little addicted, much like I was when I first got on Pinterest!

While I gain new followers and find ones that I want to follow, I have learned something quickly in my "testing" of which photos people "like" the most, and then start following you because of the photos they see on your page. 

Here's what I found in my short time on Instagram: 
1) Use brightly colored objects--it's a no brainer that bright colors catch attention
2) Make it pretty--there are millions of photos out there, so make yours SUPER pretty
3)Use the  right hashtags  (and honestly, I'm still learning what works best) Some of the popular hashtags are #photooftheday #love #inspiration 

That said, here are two photos I took after styling a table vignette and got instant likes within seconds. Now I'm not saying I had 500 likes in 5 minutes (keep in mind I just got on, but considering I'm new to this, I was happy)

The first is a vignette I put together using everyday items--my candle, perfume, one flower bud, a couple bracelets and my clutch. 

Vignette #1

#2--Yes, you guessed it..a simple photo of roses I received for Mother's Day

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