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Weekend Project: Frame a Scarf

Hi! Hope you are having a great weekend!
I am waiting for the framed silk scarf for my Glam Project to arrive so it got me thinking to find all of you some scarf examples to get the creative juices flowing for your home.  

You can see my original post on this HERE.

I went on Etsy and folks there are thousands of scarves for sale--from $19-$950! You pick your budget and the world is your oyster. 

Here are a few scarves that caught my attention. Once you have it, you can take it to your framing store to have framed professionally, or if you like DIY, here's a tutorial I found online from the High Heeled Foot In the Door (but haven't tried so I can't say if it is great or not)


I would frame this for a children's space
Hermes "Les Folies Du Ciel" Vintage Silk Scarf Loic Dubigeon


Vintage 1980s Silk Scarf Oversized 40 Inch Turquoise Pink Purple

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