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Shout Outs & Links I'm Loving

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to start off with a few shouts to clients and friends!  Let's start with clients--you guys rock!! Bottom line! 

I have fabulous clients and you all know who you are--all of you !!
 You've trusted me with designing your homes and I'm truly honored.  

I just completed an entire home with a young newlywed couple whom were super nice to work with and I'm thrilled with the resulting spaces!   M & K!! 
 (Hang tight to see those photos!)

And LG, your home has been my muse.. so thankful that you've let me run the show and pick everything utterly and impossibly glam for you. 

GL--So excited to get started on your master!

LW--Your wit is amazing!.. Love ya!

KP-So excited to just begin working with you!

Finally a HUGE SHOUT to all my friends & family whom have March birthdays.  For some reason, I have or have had great relationships with people whom have birthdays in March. 
My MOM for starters, one of my best friends, a cousin, and even an old flame...

Now, Links I'm Loving!!

1. Just bought this table for my sitting room
3. Love this modern floor lamp

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