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Mid-Project Sneak Peek/NYC Bound

Happy Friday everyone! Happy BIRTHDAY to my MOM!!

I'm excited to share with you today some glimpses--mid-project --into the glam condo I've spoken of. 

This project has been a real treat as it's been the entire condo from soup to nuts. 
My client has been amazing to work with and am so thankful to have so much free reign on selecting everything.

Check out my sneak peek!

Also, I'm heading to NYC today for a new client meeting in the Village!  
Would love to get into the NYC design market as I love this city. So excited to meet my new client while spending some time with my Mom, whom is accompanying me. (She also acts as my assistant  so I'm always happy to have her extra help!)  I'll post NYC pics soon!


Shelves just arrived!!! Note the metallic wallpaper..

A glam chair!

 A SJP worthy closet!

Custom ottomans that I adore!

Dining Room chairs arrived!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Oh man, those shelves are TO DIE for! And I've been obsessing over that Crate and Barrel table for a while now. Looks awesome! Have fun in NYC! :)