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Framed Scarf as Art

Hi there
So I'm working on project  "Glam Condo" with super fab client LG and as part of her living room decor, our centerpiece on one wall will be a gorgeous framed silk scarf she found on her travels. 

So, we are framing it and going to hang over a white lacquer console.

On that note, check out these photos I found of other framed scarves..

Maybe a great DIY project for the weekend???


frame an hermes scarf #todolist

Frame your favorite scarf for an instant piece of art.

Easy DIY Framed Scarf Art. I have the perfect scarf for this:)

DIY Framed Scarf- this will happen in Miami

1 comment:

KJ said...

Omg - this is a fabulous idea!! Scarfs are so very beautiful when laid out, cant believe no one thought of this sooner!!!