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Hello there!

In my quest for all things elegant and sometimes a bit glamorous, I've found that I love blush--the color that is. 

I love the subtle, soft femininity of this color and realized how beautiful this color could translate to interiors. 

Check out these amazing blush-inspired rooms.. 

Pretty, huh??

PS-This weekend I'm attending a Masquerade Ball--my first ball, let alone a masquerade ball... 
I'm super excited and can't wait to share pics over the weekend!


sarah hicks malone house tour

If you choose to use nail head, for heaven's sake, don't be tacky. Skip the nailhead-on-a-roll and do it the old fasioned way, one at a time. It isn't harder, it's just way slower, but guess what? You are already building a headboard, what is one more hour? Plus it won't accidentally get snagged during any, ahem, bedroom festivities.

designer Suzanne Kasler's home

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