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Being Thankful

Hi Everyone!

**I'm putting out a disclaimer now, that today's post is a bit sentimental, but I hope to some degree a bit inspirational** 

It's this time of year that I believe that we are inherently more aware of all that we have and giving thanks. 

I know for me I try to be "consciously thankful" for a healthy, loving family and so much more as much as I can, but still yet, this time of year certainly reminds us to remember those whom are less fortunate.  

Be it through a sad face of someone you see on the street, a program at church that needs funding, or closer to home in a friend or family member in need of something-- 

I hope that people will stop and think especially during these celebratory months of how we can all help others in the tiniest of ways.. because for some, the holidays are not so celebratory.

I found these quotes on Pinterest and wanted to share. 

I hope you all have a great week and many blessings ahead of you! 


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