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October Predictions

So, I don't know about you, but this month has been a bit.. CRAZY !  But a good crazy. I'm loving all of my design projects, am getting excited for the cool weather to stay and yes, gingerbread lattes will be here before we know it...

So, every now and again I take a look online..can be anywhere..and check out my horoscope. For today's purposes, I pulled it up from Harper's Bazaar.  Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, it is fun sometimes to see what the month will bring.

To my fellow's ours for the month.
To check out yours, click here..

And click to see a scarf I'm LOVING!  It's only $22 folks...

 On that budget note, be sure to look out for JWS Interiors' Holiday Gift Guide --$50 and under coming out soon!



Inventive ideas may promise to reinvigorate a romance or other close relationship. But don't delay in presenting your views; a retrograde phase will make it hard for you to sound convincing. Keep talking.
MOTTO OF THE MONTH: Everyone wants to be someone, so why don't they show up for practice?

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