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Start Living Your Dreams

Happy Friday folks!

So, I don't know about you, but it is all the quiet nights when I reflect most about life,  my future, my family's future. 

I have both small and large dreams not only for myself, but for other loved ones too. 

Now I realize I'm being a little introspective here, but there are days when I put the sunroof back(hence why I loved this picture) , let sun shine in and am so thankful for life.. 

We all have great days--and not-so-great days, but beauty in it is that we all have a choice---the choice to "choose our mood."  Yes, people can upset or hurt us, but really it our choice of how we handle all situations.. It's up to us to follow our dreams and not let anyone stand in the way. 

One of my best friends, "B," I'll call her, always reminds me it's about grace..seeking grace, giving grace, having grace... 

Just as this quote says... Start living your dreams... perhaps only one step at a time..but you can get there!

I hope you have an amazing weekend. 


Start living your dreams

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