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Chocolate Walls

Thanks to Claire for pulling these photos together for today's post!


Painting your walls in chocolate allows you to go bold without worrying that you'll get sick of it––combine it with white for dramatic high contrast, then switch out colorful accessories at whim!  Chocolate is probably my favorite neutral because you can pair it with any shade of the rainbow:


NYC Pics From The Weekend

Food Festival for the Month of September in the Flatiron District.. It was fantastic! $6 glasses of wine and every food under the sun!

Ace Hotel--Loved it!

Saw Glass Menagerie --My first Broadway Play ever! Loved it! A must see. Cherry Jones was amazing!

Mario Batali's Eataly--A HUGE Gourmet Food Emporium

Me--Trying to Fit into the New York crowd  Ha ha!

Famous Mood Fabrics--a la Project Runway!

My fav store in NYC--5 floors of glorious home decor at ABC Home

The Band--Portugal- was fantastic! Check out their tunes on iTunes!


NYC Bound

Hi Everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

I'm headed to NYC for the weekend and am super excited!  I'm ready to hit my fav design stores, eat some great food, and see a Broadway show!

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope to have some great posts and SNEAK PEEKS for you next week!


New York City. I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website thanks.

Breakfast Banquettes-What's Not to Love

Hi Everyone!

I don't know about you, but I love a good reading or eating spot!  I'm in love with banquettes and am trying to use more in my designs. 

It's one place that you can linger and why shouldn't you have some down time while enjoying your breakfast?! 

What do you think of these? Which is your fav?


#banquette #breakfastnook #white

#banquette #breakfastnookbanquette





dining #banquette


Eye Candy


Can you believe we are already half way through the week? I swear it feels like it should be Friday! 
It's been a little nuts around here.. I'm so excited to see photos that my photographer Stacy took of my DC condo project. It's a little glam! :)  

And, speaking of glam, check out these two very different, very glamorous rooms.  The first has my eyes roaming all over looking at the art, the light fixture and the accessories everywhere!

The second is such a beautifully understated room with the muted tones. Check out those walls!

Which is your fav?  


via La Dolce Vita

via the Zhush


Favorite Space: Killer Wine Cellar

Hi JWS Readers!

It's Tuesday and what's not to love then to feature this gorgeous wine cellar?!

I love that this wine cellar isn't overdone--it's just right in terms of function and beauty.

What a creative way to use the wall space!

Hope you have a great day! 



Designer Spotlight: Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors

Hi Everyone!
I hope you had a great weekend! 
We went to my brother-in-law's anniversary party and had a blast (Thank you Matt & Becky!)  

I tried a new cocktail and fell in love.....

Today I'm at a photo shoot for the final shots of my DC condo project!!! 

I'm so excited to complete this wonderful project (but sad too) as M & T have been fantastic clients and super fun to work with. As you may remember, I designed their kitchen nook, foyer, bar area and just added a few updates to the family room. To see a sneak peek of the wallpapered foyer..check out my Facebook page. I posted last week. 

Finally, today's designer spotlight is on Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors. I came across her work and fell in love. Her work is serene, glamorous, and for me has just the right amount of color.  Gorgeous!


(All photos via Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors)


Autumn Gold: 6 Spray-Paint Decor Ideas

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Today's post has been pulled together by my new intern, Claire! She has pulled together some great photos and DIY Fall decor items.  Thanks Claire!


If you want something a little more elegant than the usual rustic look, gold spray paint is an easy way to swankify your autumn decor.  Here are just a few things you could revamp:

1. Pinecones

Take the kids out for a walk and let them collect pinecones, acorns, and other autumnal freebies. Older kids and teens can help spray paint, but I wouldn't recommend it for the little ones.

2. Block letters

via HGTV

3. Old vases

4. Wooden owls!

5. Candlesticks

These candlesticks are available for purchase, but you could just as easily head to a thrift store for spray-paintable ones.

And of course, my favorite…

6. Pumpkins, pumpkins, PUMPKINS!

Via Amanda Megan Miller Photography (DIY instructions)

via Flickr

via the lemon peel (DIY directions)


"I'll Sleep When I Die"

Happy Friday!

So last Friday I got a little introspective/inspirational on you, and to my surprise I received several emails and notes about how much you liked that particular quote and my note.

So, what the heck, I thought I'd do it again this Friday. Here it goes--my mantra has been for some time -- "I'LL SLEEP WHEN I DIE".  

What I mean by this is that life has too much to offer to slack off, settle, and not be motivated to do and be your best.  When we die, as obvious as it is, in my mind, that's it. I'll rest forever, but for now while I have air in my lungs and have the ability to walk and talk--I'm going to do my best to live life to fullest. 

How about you? What are your passions, motivations?  What get's you going in the morning?

 I absolutely love that I have a jam packed schedule 90% of the time. Yes, I complain here and there, but really I'm not THAT bothered by it and I love filling my days with client meetings, coffee and lunch dates, family outings, design events and travel. 

I'm the friend who sometimes books coffee dates back to back and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
My retired parents think my schedule can be a bit crazy, but it makes me happy. 

This post is also for a friend of mine whom I won't name who is kind of "stuck" right now in life. 
I guess when something is bothering you, you are down on your luck, or unfortunate events have taken place, sometimes there is no place to go but UP.. And, perhaps this is a blessing in that you have a clean slate to go after what you truly want.  

So, for this weekend I hope you do more to fulfill yourself and your dreams and help others while you're at. After all, you can sleep later :)



Paper It! Gorgeous Wallpaper

Hi Everyone!

Ah..It's Thursday and almost the weekend! This week has flown by with all my design project work and running my busy household with my little ladies! 

It's all about wallpaper's coming back in a BIG way! I'm going to wallpaper my powder room and will be showing you what I decided on in coming weeks. 

Check out these beautiful papered walls! 

And don't forget--if you can't commit--try the new TEMPORARY wallpapers!


I really like that Wallpaper!

Chocolate London Wallpaper

Imperial Trellis seems to be everywhere now but I am always drawn to it, especially in the grass green color that I first saw it so many years ago. Chloe Sevigny's New York apartment.

just the bee's knees: Thibaut inspired stenciled wall


Fuchsia & Orange and A Link to Art You'll Love

Jonathan Adler inspiration for elsa's room. BED
via Elle Decor

via Design Sponge

I love those paintings.  Meanwhile, I've discovered the ability to look at all the pictures on a blog page at once without having to scroll past a bunch of text I don't want to read, with my Pin It button.  #lazy
via House Beautiful

Little Girl, Big Pink Style

I found this print for a litte girls' bedroom I'm doing. We're going to frame in a brightly colored wood frame. How cute is it!???


Creative Door Decor--All You Need is Paint

Hi There!
Hope you are doing well on this Tuesday!  Today's post I am excited to share all these fun door decor ideas.  I am loving the idea of painting your door--any door! 

Here are some fabulous ideas to add some color, drama, pattern and more to your space!


Painted Door - opposite a painted wall?

Chalkboard door!
Ikea Turbo Clothes Rack + chalkboard painted door
painted door

Painted door

Painted door. Wouldn't this be fun to have a house full of colorful doors?