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Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend. I just got back from my parent's lakehouse so it was a nice respite. I caught up on my reading--I read 4 fashion magazines, 2 home decor magazines and all my favorite blogs! There are so many pages I ripped out with fun fashion or decor that I loved! 

I'll be sharing a bunch of links with you this week.  Here are a couple today I wanted to share.

1) My new favorite home accessory from C Wonder!
2)  I've been looking for a cute navy jacket. Check out this one
3) I've seen this hair product in all the magazines.. am thinking of trying since I have fine hair texture

Today, I wanted to share iPhone cases with you. I've been searching for the perfect case for the last few weeks and have yet to find the right one. My old black one is looking pretty shabby.  So, for now my phone is , eh...  naked... 

 I have the iPhone 4s, but am getting the 5 I've found cases for both models ......

Here are some beauties I'm contemplating. Can you see..I'm digging a little gold right now?!

I need your help--which should I buy???


Gold iphone case by Marc Jacobs

Aztec Gold iPhone Case - Bycsera

Tory Burch T Logo White Case for iPhone 4 TCC48

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