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Ideas On Accessorizing Your Home

Happy Tuesday! 
It's been one heck of a week here already.

 Putting out fires.. literally! (we had a small kitchen fire the other day!)

As I near wrapping up some projects, I realized I wanted to do more posts on accessorizing and how to "finish off" a room. The devil is in the details, right?!

I found some great photos of well-accessorized tables and even a bathroom. 

 The trick I think is in grouping things together--via a tray, plate, bowl...  books are always needed when accessorizing, as are flowers in my humble opinion. A few objets d'art are needed too. 

Check out these photos of well done accessorizing. 

If you are in need of a great tray to collect your items, check out this inexpensive, yet beautiful one here!

You may also want to check out Design Darling for little objects for accessorizing your tables!


via Oxford Proper

via Lonny

via The Embellishment

via Lonny

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