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Affordable Abstract Art

So, you just bought a new place. You just rented a fabulous apartment.. You have lived in your place for 5 years and STILL have blank walls..
AND...You just can't find good art you like that is reasonably priced.

I hope I can help you out today!

Michele Armas is an abstract artist that sells reasonably priced art and prints. 
I found a bunch that I love.  

Her art would be perfect anywhere.  A foyer, nursery, bedroom....

Today here are a few of my favs. Check her out! 


PS-I'm no longer going to do Tablescape Tuesdays as I've noticed these are not as popular posts


Shelley said...

I am sorry to see Tablescapes Tuesday go away. I really enjoyed it!


Shelley, Thanks so much for enjoying the tablescapes feature. I will certainly still post some here and there. You can also check out my Facebook page where I sometimes do different posts. Thanks again!

Jessica Wellman said...

Nice info, but I won't be able to look through the rest, that chevron background is doing awful things to my eyes.... a shame, I'm getting ready to redo my house and was looking for inspiration

Hunter Douglas said...

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