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Wednesday Whites

For those of you who love white, whether it's in fashion or decor, this is the post for you!
I am addicted to white. To me it is the epitome of classic taste and design.

 I own a white sofa and I counted 10 white shirts in my closets, 3 white skirts,  3 white dresses and 5 white pairs of  pants.  Now, I"m not saying I have an extensive wardrobe---I don't--but of what I do have, white is prevailing. 

So, for today's photos, I wanted to show you all different ways to use white in your home. A lot of people are afraid of white, but these days you can buy indoor/outdoor fabric to cover upholstery items , or just use smaller does of white in pillows, decorative accessories, etc. 

Which of these is your fav? Don't be shy! Send me a note!


Cottage Blue Designs

Ann Hepfer Designs


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