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My Master Bedroom Design Board, Stage 1

Hi Everyone!

If you've been reading along the last week or so, you know that I'm currently (and finally) working on designing my own master bedroom. At the moment, the mattress is on the floor (feels like college) since we are moving the current headboard to a guest bedroom. We have old furniture (10+ years old )that lacks in quality and well, beauty! I'm so ready for a change.

So, I wanted to show you a design board I put together for myself as I collect my ideas.  This is Stage 1....I say that because I don't have all the pieces yet or the money to buy everything I want!  So, Stage 1 it is!

What do you think?



Ris @ StyleBurbia said...

Looks lovely. What are you thinking for bedding? Can't wait to see the final results.


White bedding all the way with a throw blanket at the foot of bed!