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How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Most of us have one, so let's get down to business ;)

I'm talking about the coffee table. 

 It can be a workhorse piece of furniture (or at least should be) for your room. 

They serve to prop up your feet; a place to hold your drink; stack magazines/books; or to simply look pretty when entertaining. 

Here is my guide to decorating your coffee table and beautiful inspiration photos for you to get ideas. Obviously, everyone uses their different depending on who is living in their home and what makes sense. But overall, hopefully you can use these guidelines and tweak them as you see fit. 


**Varying heights is key when decorating a coffee table--it adds visual interest**
1) Find minimum of 3 decorative objects (size depends on how large your coffee table is) These can be candles, vases, little bowls, moss balls, or decorative objet   Play around with the objects on your table to see where they look best 
2) Stack a couple books or a handful of pretty magazines (very neatly and place in center or a corner if you have a lot of other items to display)
3) A tray /bowl/ plate of some sort to coral items such as remotes  You can place the bowl on its own or on top of a stack of books
4) When necessary (or always!) a small vase of flowers

I love the idea of putting 1 or 2 colorful poufs underneath a glass/lucite/acrylic coffee tables too! It adds such interest. Or leave empty underneath if you have a gorgeous rug (like in pic #1)

(I found these on Pinterest and several photos didn't have sources)

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