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Kitchen Range Hoods-HELP ME DECIDE!

Hi everyone!

So I am looking to cover up my stainless steel range hood in my kitchen. It doesn't look bad, but I just think it would look super pretty to cover it with a wood range hood cover. Plus, the stainless steel gets dirty easily, so I'm hoping that covering it up with help with dust, etc.

Here's a picture of my kitchen range hood.
I think covering up that stainless will look good. What do you think?

Here are the hoods I found on Pinterest that I like. 

Now, I need YOUR HELP!
Which should I do??

Classic White Tapered

White with straight edge detail
via CocoCozy

Tapered with Moulding Detail

or  BLACK???
via Southern Living showhouse

1 comment:

Casey McCombs said...

That black looks fantastic! But I'm willing to bet it would show grime worse than your current stainless. Go for the straight white or the tapered.