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Red Rooms (Prettier Than I Thought!)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. It was warm Saturday, here in Virginia, but Sunday was drizzling and cold.  So today I caught up on some of my projects and blog reading. 

As I was reading, I came across a lot of Valentine-related pics on Pinterest. I'm not ready to post about Valentine's yet, but it did get me thinking about red rooms.

I'll be honest--I am not a big fan. I don't really like red. I own one red-ish dress and that's it. Not one single decor item in my house is red. It is just to harsh for me.

But, for those of you who love red, this is your post.  And, to be fair, I do think a few of these rooms are pretty. 

So, here's my question--do you have a red room in your house? If so, which room is it?


via Elle Decor

by Mary MacDonald

my fav!

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