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Decor with Des Fleurs

One thing that makes me super happy is flowers. I love them. 

I don't have a local market stand as I did when living in San Francisco, but there are several good flower shops (and my mom's garden in the summer) that have gorgeous blooms. 

I love to put a tiny vase in the always brightens my day when I wake up and brush my teeth to see blooms!  (My oldest daughter has caught on and in the summer picks flowers and puts in a paper cup in her bathroom)

So in honor of the flower, here are some photos I adore. 

What's your favorite?


via Domino

via Peak of Tres Chic

House of Fifty

I Heart SunnyDays

Inspired Living Home

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I like Via Domino. There is a lovely romance to the wide and clear vase. Lot's of light illuminating the flowers and items around it.

Great images!