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Sneak Peek on Family Room Project

Ok folks.. We are getting down to the wire on my family room project. Everything is in now! 

Check out sideboards flanking fireplace!  
Can't show you everything, but it is time to accessorize!

Stay tuned.... 


PS--Before pic is below as well.... what do you think??


In case you are's



Accessorizing a room is the last thing I do when I'm finishing up a project. Sometimes it's fairly easy..I almost instantly know what types of pieces are needed. But there are many times, where it takes me a little time to figure out what will look best. 

Take a look at these photos. Too little or too much ? Or just right?


via Belle Maison

Thom Filicia Show House


Classy Stripes

I love stripes! I love to wear them and I love them on men's shirts! Even better is a great striped rug!

In my latest family room project (pics later this month), we used a gorgeous dark brown and cream one. 

Stripes are timeless and add that bit-of-pattern to any room.

Which of these is your fav?


via Coastal Living

by Diane Bergeron


Decorating with Pink

Hi Everyone!   As you know I am working on designing a black and white bedroom and am so excited.

We selected the white dresser and I found a gorgeous pink, orange and white abstract painting from HomeGoods to go above it. It is going to be so dramatic hanging on black walls.. Can't wait to show you when we starting moving along. 

Here are some pink inspiration pics. Which is your fav?


via DecorPad

via Mary MacDonald Design

via Decorpad


Natural and Neutral Decor

I am helping a friend update her sunroom and adjoining family room.  She is a great client in the sense that she knows exactly what she likes--natural and neutral decor--a very clean look. 

So, we are incorporating a beautiful neutral palette of tans, creams, etc. We've selected beautiful linen drapes which will hang over bamboo shades; a very textured rug and a large chaise for reading. Oh, and a killer lamp I snagged off OneKings Lane!

In the meantime, here are some inspiration photos that are all so pretty!



Weekend Photos

This week has been great because the birthday festivities are still continuing. Today we went with good friends to a beautiful winery in Virginia.  

Here are pics of our visit!


Our picnic alfresco!

Affordable Deck Chair

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I finally found an affordable (aka under $300) deck chair! I searched high and low this weekend. I could not find a black wicker chair with a white cushion under $300 to save my life! So, I am compromising and found a beautiful light gray wicker chair which matches my deck boards. 

I bought two here. What do you think? Need your opinion and if you know of an affordable black wicker modern chair with white cushion...PLEASE SHARE!



Quick Decorating Quiz-What's Your Style?

Happy Friday! Boy, what a week!  Thanks to everyone who sent me nice emails for my birthday yesterday! Had a great day.

So, for Friday, I thought it would be fun to post a quick decorating quiz. CLICK HERE
This one is from Real Simple magazine.

Take it and let me know what your style is! 


Love this pic from Courtney Hill Design. Simple, clean, fresh..timeless!

Birthday Wishes

Good morning everyone!

Today is my birthday..already started off well, with Birthday Wish texts from friends, big hugs and kisses from my little girls and my husband gave me a beautiful necklace!!

To all you June baby birthdays (specifically my fellow Cancer signs), Happy Birthday to you too!  



Super Cool

Have a hard time selecting paint colors?  

See a picture on Pinterest that you love?

Look no further folks... thanks to my friend Meredith of Meredith Puzenski Photography, I now
know about Sherwin Williams' new "CHIP IT" tool!

This awesome new "button" you simply add to your bookmarks list and voila, anytime you see a picture on the Web you love, you can click on your "CHIP IT" button and it will instantly tell you a Sherwin Williams paint color palette for that photo!!  WHY HIRE ME?? haha  just kidding.

Seriously, very cool.  Go here and add your CHIP IT button! 

Here's an example of a random photo I found on the web and the palette it cranked out for me:

Let me know what you guys think! 



Absolute Ingenious Idea

For all you DIY people, I envy you. I really do. I am limited in my DIY capabilities.

 So, as I am designing a budget-friendly master bedroom for a super cool client, I came across O'verlays , a website that sells gorgeous overlays for furniture, and specifically IKEA furniture. (They also do custom work too!) The overlays are pre-cut, precisely measured and can be painted. (I can handle that). I feel I am giving away a TRUE resource here so I hope you like! :)

For example, I love the IKEA Malm dresser (comes in a 3 drawer and 6 drawer). It's clean lines and slick look can go in just about any space.  Now, if you add on one of O'verlays products specifically cut for the Malm, it will instantly transform this piece into something unique and frankly.. fabulous.

(PS-Client MB....if you are reading, yes, this is part of your plan!)

Here are a few examples from the O'verlay site. 

What do you think???? 
 If you buy, tell them Jennifer sent you from JWS Interiors/Affordable Luxury! 



Gorgeous Organization

If you are anything like me, you have a good eye for design, but organization..well, that's an entirely separate thing... 

I have a hard time organizing, especially closets and drawers. 

Enter Martha Stewart and a few other fantastic inspiration photos and I hope to get on track for better organization this summer.

Check out these gorgeous photos of all things.. well... organized!


This is gorgeous. Photo via Martha Stewart.  

Umm. Yes, I'll take this gorgeous dresser and its divine organization!

via California Closet's blog



For the Love of White


Once again I find myself writing about and finding inspiration in all things white. I'm currently working on a black and white master bedroom and am coming across some fun accessory finds that are very affordable and will help complete the room. 

Here are some pics of how white accessories can make a room. 

And check out the feather drum pendant--I had to include!

Have a fab weekend :)


via Baer Home Design


A Fun $79 Pendant

If you are looking for a "designer-ish" looking pendant..look no further! 

I recently used this pendant in a project and loved it! It comes in a pretty bright green and yellow too!

What do you think?  How would you use?



A Good Week

Happy Wednesday everyone! What a week.. I'm thankfully swamped with decorating a sunroom & family room, a new design for a master bedroom and helping a few other great clients update their spaces. 

 The family room project I've been working on for months will soon come to an end as the last pieces arrive. I am very anxious to help finish the room with accessories and yes, get pics as it is one of my all-time favorite spaces to design thus far. 

My most exciting news though is that the twin little girls' bedrooms I recently completed will be featured this fall (so long as everything goes well!) in a design magazine :)

 I am humbled and of course very excited. 

I hope you are all having a great week thus far. 

Here's a quote I found and wanted to share.



Coastal Living 2012 Ultimate Beach House & More

Coastal Living's 2012 Ultimate Beach House is located in Rosemary Beach, Florida this year! 

 Rosemary Beach is a gorgeous beach community situated off Florida's scenic drive 30A. I have yet to go, but have heard wonderful things about this beach community.  

Here are a few photos of the beach house and the community! 

Finally, I've included additional photos of various Coastal Living interiors. 


Beach House Sketch

 Photo of Rosemary Beach 

Various Coastal Living pics 


My Picks

As you know, we recently built a deck and I've been researching the heck out of finding affordable chairs and a table that fit the look I'm going for--basically clean, modern, white and black.

So, after literally hours of research, below  is what I selected for the table, chairs and umbrella.   It was so hard to find a longer table (at least 70" long) that was modern with a hole in the center! So I found a table I loved, but have to go without the umbrella in the middle. I ended up ordering two that tilts and one that is free-standing (see Z Gallerie one below) that will sit between chaise lounges (that I haven't bought yet).

Here are the pieces. Waiting on everything but the chairs to arrive!



New Project: Bedroom Makeover

To say that I am happy it is Friday is a HUGE understatement! This week has had many
twists and turns for me...some good, some not so good. 

So, to remain positive, I am thrilled it's the end of the week and that I am working on some fabulous new projects with some fabulous new clients.. you all know who you are :)

Below is a pic of a bedroom I am making over for a stylish client! While I won't spill any details now, let's just say we are going BOLD on this makeover!    

I've also included a few inspiration pics that I love for the new design...



Inspiration Pics via Pinterest