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What I Just Bought

Well, it seems this happens to me every year folks..

I am in my busiest season helping clients finish up their spaces and then I take on new clients...

And the shopping begins.. And, it's Christmas (well soon enough)

So, in the midst of my buying for clients..I buy for none other than myself ;) 

Yes,  my fantastic husband is always great and humors me as new furniture, rugs and accessories arrive at our house.  You see this is why I married this man (other than a thousand other reasons...).. because I can buy home decor GALORE and he never gets mad..ever. SO , honey if you are reading this.. THANK YOU!

On to my point here.. I just bought this gorgeous banquette I've been eyeing for 6 months. It will go in my yet-to-be-decorated dining room

What do you think?


You can buy it here


Alex said...

I love the nailhead detail.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I love it! We both are lucky to have husbands that understand us!!!