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Readers' Design Dilemmas: Storage for Small Spaces

Hi everyone!
I'm posting this early for Monday since I am away for the weekend and am not sure if I'll have Internet access.....don't ask! :)

Today's Readers' Design Dilemma comes from Melissa:

"I have an old house with no closets. So I use a lot of shelving, but now my house just looks cluttered. Is there an attractive alternative to storage other than shelving? I don't like storage cubes/ottoman's because I will put things in it and forget they are there. I like to have everything visible where I can see it, but I am wondering if there is a nice neat way to go about that that doesn't mean I have to cover up my pretty stripe walls with shelving. Baskets? I really don't know. But I can't buy another book shelf! Save me!!!"

My advice is below!

Here is my two cents on Melissa's dilemma. I think where closets are limited, shelves are likely the most practical use of space...but perhaps not wall shelves.. how about incorporating furniture that has shelving within it, like the below pic:

How about using wall hooks? Visually appealing and they take up minimal space.. Check out Anthropologie's wide selection...

If you are handy or have the money, built-ins are great for those items that CAN be put away and left out of sight. Check this idea out below:

Carve out space in small areas:


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I rather like the furniture with the shelving the best.

Windows by Melissa said...

!!! THe first picture with the bed is definitely something I could do! My master bedroom is kind of awkward. It's very long, but not very wide. SO I could put the bed in the center of the room and make the shelving on the back! What a great idea! Thank you!!!