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So, I'm in the middle of a little holiday decor project.. a very, very easy one at that and I wanted to share!

Yes, it's only mid-November, but with this project you have to start early.

Paperwhites--My daughters and I planted these sweet-smelling flowers in different, pretty white containers.

It is this simple:
1)Buy the paperwhile bulbs (I bought mine at HomeDepot for $5 for 3 or 4 bulbs)
2)Add potting soil half way to 2/3 up the container
3) Set bulbs on TOP OF SOIL (do not bury)
4) Water well first time; after that, just keep soil most
5) Watch the for the green sprouts to grow and in 6 weeks you'll have gorgeous white flowers

You can add a beautiful ribbon around the pot and give as a gift too. 

Here are some beautiful pictures of paperwhites used throughout homes!

Get planting ;)


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