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For The Love..of Linen

Good morning! Happy Monday! 

I'm actually glad it's Monday and I'm ready to start the week. Had a great weekend--went to two fabulous restaurants. One of my favorites, Poste, Hotel Monaco's restaurant, was delicious! We sat outside, drank great wine, people-watched, and had a delicious meal.

So, onto design!  I love the look of linen. I like linen sofas, drapes, name it. Linen is a beautiful fabric. It adds a necessary texture to some rooms and it feels good to me.

So, here are some beautiful rooms featuring linen.

Which is your fav?


McGill Design Group


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Each one, although different in design, screams welcoming!

rustic arch doors said...

Looking at these lovely photos of smooth linen fabric and furniture makes me want to go home and lay down to my bed. These are very relaxing, you would always want to go home to that kind of bedroom, living room and dining area!