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Canopy Beds

They say that your bedroom should be your haven; your calm, quiet of your home.

I can say that my bedroom (still yet to be decorated believe it or not), is a catch all for clothes and well, two sweetie pies--my girls Ava and Alexis who tend to wander in, in the early morning hours. 

So, since I'm a bit sleep deprived, these luscious beds I am craving. Even my husband asked me the other night.. I am so ready to paint our bedroom and get  it decorated! 

So, honey, if you're reading.... let's do it up like these! I am SERIOUSLY thinking about installing the drapes with the rod on the ceiling around our current bed.  What do you think? Good idea, bad?


1 comment:

p-l-a-i-d said...

I just love canopy is my dream to have one some day!