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An Unexpected (Great) Place for a Lamp....

I think a great place for a lamp, if you have the space, is in the kitchen. There is nothing like the glow of a table lamp on the kitchen counter or island. 

Here are some examples of how one or two lamps can make your kitchen look fantastic! Look around your there an unused lamp that needs a home? 

Or check out your local HomeGoods store and see if you can find one for under $50 (I know you can).  (photos via DecorPad)


My breakfast room; this pic doesn't do my lamp justice (especially at night), but here it is

Adding a little extra chartreuse in this kitchen!

A little extra light on the island

Love these large lamps!
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Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

YES..YES...Putting a lamp on the counter is a Great, Wonderful idea....I'm amazed it's not done more ofter. Love it.