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Absolute Ingenious Idea

For all you DIY people, I envy you. I really do. I am limited in my DIY capabilities.

 So, as I am designing a budget-friendly master bedroom for a super cool client, I came across O'verlays , a website that sells gorgeous overlays for furniture, and specifically IKEA furniture. (They also do custom work too!) The overlays are pre-cut, precisely measured and can be painted. (I can handle that). I feel I am giving away a TRUE resource here so I hope you like! :)

For example, I love the IKEA Malm dresser (comes in a 3 drawer and 6 drawer). It's clean lines and slick look can go in just about any space.  Now, if you add on one of O'verlays products specifically cut for the Malm, it will instantly transform this piece into something unique and frankly.. fabulous.

(PS-Client MB....if you are reading, yes, this is part of your plan!)

Here are a few examples from the O'verlay site. 

What do you think???? 
 If you buy, tell them Jennifer sent you from JWS Interiors/Affordable Luxury! 



Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

this just gave me great inspiration for a client! I'm not exactly a DIY pro, but I do try sometimes! Thanks for the post!

JWS Interiors Affordable Luxury Blog said...

Thanks Lindsey! I think they are super cool!

p-l-a-i-d said...

Love this idea! I have been wanting to try this on a couple of ikea pieces I have in my home, it makes such a statement!

Steve Barley said...

You can always learn new things and master DIY. Anyways, these design ideas are awesome!