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A Quick Trick... Making Picture Hanging Easy

I was at a client's home the other day with my contractor hanging a picture gallery up her staircase. I always think that hanging pictures, especially a gallery of photos, can be tricky. In the past, who knows how many holes I've created in my walls that shouldn't be there!  BUT, I am here to tell you that thanks to Stephen, my contractor, I no longer use nails to hang photos. I use the Command (damage-free) velcro strips.  For a decorator, this is next best thing to Pinterest! Ha! Seriously, today I wanted to hang another photo over my desk and I just picked up the strips for $5 at Target and voila my picture was up in 5 minutes.

Perhaps now you won't feel as overwhelmed as I do when I'm going to do a DIY project like this. Take a look at these picture walls and get going!


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